Early spring 2022 will mark the beginning of enrollment season at our high schools which means it is time for 8th graders to start thinking about next school year. High School students in the Park Hill District have a choice about where they attend high school. Students may enroll in Park Hill High School/ Park Hill South High School or the LEAD Innovation Studio. We encourage all families to learn about their options and choose what they feel is the best fit for their student. In early spring 2022 8th graders will have presentations from their home high school and LEAD. Prior to that there will also be enrollment and information evenings for families to learn more about high school options. 

We will also be scheduling opportunities for current LEAD families to learn more about course offerings for the 2022-23 school year.  These events will hear a counseling presentation about graduation requirements, course offerings, and the advising and course selection process.  

Information Events will be held in early to mid December 2021 for families interested in LEAD.  Interested students and parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.  

To learn more about LEAD, check out the following links:

“LEAD is” page


LEAD Facebook

To view course offerings from the 2021-22 school year, click on the links below.

9th Grade LEAD Course Options 2021-22
10th Grade LEAD Course Options 2021-22
11th Grade LEAD Course Options 2021-22
 12th Grade LEAD Course Options 2021-22