Danny Motta

Danny Motta

Role: Social Studies (AP Psychology and Psychology) and Design Thinking Facilitator

Before LEAD:  

I taught at Park Hill High School for TEN years!!! In that time I taught government, world history, psychology, AP Psychology, AP Seminar, and AP Research.  The last few years I was lucky enough to be one of the pilot teachers for the AP Capstone Program (AP Seminar and Research) in which we were part of a pilot of only 100 schools WORLDWIDE to give our students the opportunity to learn how to do academic research and perform it at a collegiate level in high school!!! It was amazing, and I can’t wait to bring those experiences with me to LEAD.   

Why LEAD: 

I am at LEAD because I truly believe that education has been stuck in the past for too long.  The world we live in has changed drastically since the early 1900’s but our education system and how our students have been taught has not.  But here at LEAD we are leading the way in bringing about those changes needed to make learning more personal, more engaging, more applicable, and more relevant to our world and the needs of our students today.  “As the present now, Will later be past. The order is Rapidly fadin', And the first one now, Will later be last. For the times they are a-changin'.” - Bob Dylan

What I’m most looking forward to: 

There are SOOOO many things to look forward to this year, but honestly the one I am most looking forward to is MENTORING the LIFE into our students.  I think that having the ability to take on students in more personable ways, developing true mentorship relationships will open up new possibilities that students will not have had before.  I can’t wait to get started on working WITH our students to make education better for THEM and for all that come after them.  

About Me:  

My wife, Danielle, and I have two sons - Nolan (7) and Kieran (5) - who keep us busy with baseball, gymnastics, swimming, and of course just being two little boys full of energy and a little bit of orneriness.  The only thing I love more than the Royals is my family (and maybe teaching-but that is probably a tie, I REALLY love the Royals).  Looking forward to watching the Chiefs in the Super Bowl this year, and of course ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!