Poppy Lee

Poppy Lee

Before LEAD: Prior to joining the LEAD team, I had the honor of teaching at Lakeview Middle School.  It is where I taught 8th Grade Math and Algebra for twenty years.   

Why I’m at LEAD:  To be honest, it wasn’t an easy decision to leave Lakeview and the middle school environment after so many years. However, after learning more about the vision and beliefs surrounding LEAD, I became so excited about the opportunity to be a part of something so incredible.  I believe in my heart of hearts that it’s what’s best for our students.  After having taught at LEAD for a year now I definitely do not regret my decision.  I believe that we have created the perfect conditions under which students can flourish in their learning.  They are provided with the skills, knowledge and habits to realize their full potential.

What I’m most looking forward to: For one, I am so excited to be adding more amazing staff members to our building.  Secondly, I cannot wait to continue our work with the returning sophomores.  And last but not least I am really looking forward to beginning our work with the incoming freshmen and new sophomores!

About Me: My husband, Tom is also an educator.  He teaches Social Studies at Congress Middle School.  We have been blessed with two amazing children.  Patrick will be a Senior at Park Hill and Megan will be a Freshman here at LEAD.  Not only do they keep us busy with their various activities but we stay actively involved with them as well.  Whether it’s in or at the pool, on the basketball court, at the dance studio or on the dance floor there always seems to be something going on.  We love cheering for our Jayhawks and enjoy watching college and professional football.