Kyla Ward

What did you do before LEAD?
I taught ELA 9 Honors and Talented and Gifted Literature & Humanities for 10 years at Central High School in St. Joseph.  I also spent a handful of years teaching College Writing, Rhetoric, and Research courses at Missouri Western.

Why did you choose LEAD?
I chose LEAD because project-based and professional learning experiences are my jam!  Well . . . that and because I truly believe that the traditional model of education no longer serves the majority of our students.  Educators cannot hope to change things with the same thinking that got us to our current position; LEAD is a program that recognizes this and is forging a new path to help our students find success within and beyond the classroom, no matter the journey they're on.

What are you most looking forward to at LEAD?
I am most looking forward to building relationships with everyone and helping my students and mentees grow and reach their goals!

I was born and raised up the road in St. Joseph and came into teaching a little later in life than most, studying law and psychology and spending almost a decade in the private sector before completing my teaching degree.  My husband, Todd, and I have an almost 15-year-old daughter named Massey, a sweet lab named Ori, and a curmudgeonly cat named Mia.  I love spending time outdoors hiking or mountain biking when I'm not curled up with a good book, dance around the house to good music or doing yoga.