LEAD is . . .

Welcome Video

In the 2020-21 school year we opened a brand new facility specifically designed to support collaborative, project based learning. This video explains how our space is designed and facilitating our innovative learning approach.

LEAD is Connection

Community is one of the core values at LEAD, and students are encouraged to find connection to the LEAD community, their home high school community, and their local and global community. We believe connection and engagement are keys to building successful futures for students.

Learn about how one LEAD student is connecting as you hear Sydney Hamilton describe her involvement in Executive Council at LEAD, in activities at Park Hill HS, and her connection to the world through project work: 

LEAD is Building Successful Futures

The Educational Philosophy at LEAD is focused on preparing students for success in life by helping them develop skills and habits. Self-Directed learning time focuses on learning content and developing study skills and habits like perseverance, self-regulation, and growth mindset. Projects are designed to develop cognitive skills in presenting, collaborating, and research, as well as habits like relevance of school, resilience, and curiosity.

Mentorship support helps students navigate their school work and develop habits like attachment, resilience, and purpose. To learn more, check out this video about learning at LEAD:


LEAD is Engagement

LEAD’s instructional approach is heavily based on Project Based Learning. Students apply content knowledge gained through personalized learning to project work which includes problem solving and professional based, authentic learning experiences where they develop cognitive skills in developing products and presentations, inquiry, analysis and synthesis, composing and writing, and textual analysis. Check out the videos here for examples of project work students are engaging in at LEAD:


LEAD is Mentorship

The foundation to supporting students in becoming LEADers who are empowered, aspire and dream is the mentorship support students are provided with. Every student at LEAD is paired with a teacher-mentor. They are in a “Community Time” class each day with their mentor where they focus on personalized learning, goal setting, and action planning for success in achieving short and long term goals. They meet one-on-one for approximately 10 minutes each week with their mentor. Three LEAD Facilitators have been recognized as Park Hill Stars of the Month. See their stories and how they connect with LEAD students:


LEAD is Visionary

At LEAD, we are guided by our Vision, Mission and Values. We believe schools should be comprehensive in their approach to preparing students for successful futures. We live our Vision, Mission and Values:

LEAD Vision: Challenging each student to be a LEADer, to be Empowered, to Aspire, and to Dream

LEAD Mission: Our mission is to mentor and empower all students to reach their full potential through collaborative and innovative experiences to positively impact their community.

LEAD Values: Growth Mindset – Mentoring – Community – Empower – Commitment - Innovation

Check this video out to see LEAD’s Vision, Mission, and Values in action:


LEAD is #ParkHillProud

Park Hill is a supportive community, an award-winning district and a caring place to learn. High School students in the Park Hill District can choose to complete academic work at their home high school or the LEAD Innovation Studio. LEAD students are involved in athletics, music, clubs and more at their home high school as well as being involved in clubs and activities at LEAD. To learn more, check out the LEAD FAQ page. Please also check out this video about what is happening at LEAD: