Kelsey Jury - Art

Mrs. Jury
Art facilitator

Role: Design & Draw, Emerging Leaders and Design Thinking Facilitator

Before LEAD:  I taught art at Lakeview Middle School, but I finally graduated to High School (6 years later)!                              

Why I’m at LEAD: I want to inspire creativity in a whole new way and take a break from traditional art projects that never leave the walls. Art should not just be seen but also experienced!

What I’m most looking forward to: I’m looking forward to growing with my students and watching them evolve into young adults. I hope to help students find a career or goal beyond high school that they are passionate about. Everyone should be excited to go to work!

About me: I have a wild and sassy toddler at home that keeps me laughing and big, cuddly dog that helps me unwind. I spend way too much time at the zoo and way too much money on ice cream. I love a good book but often end up watching terrible reality tv with friends and family. I am blessed and beyond excited to be at LEAD!