Becky Morse


Before LEAD:  This will be my third year at LEAD.  I have taught accelerated geometry, geometry, accelerated algebra 2, and trigonometry.  This year I will also be teaching statistics, AP statistics, and math intervention.  I have also taught at Santa Fe High school (MO), Park Hill South, Medina Valley ISD (TX), and San Antonio ISD.  This will be my 16th year teaching.

Why I'm at LEAD:  My initial draw to LEAD was the curriculum.  We were using a platform that was able to combine both procedural and conceptual knowledge for the students. I believed that math should not only teach students the process but also a deeper understanding into why.  Often one or the other would be missing, but at LEAD it would be integrated through class time and personalized learning time.  I was so excited to join this team.

I still feel this way about the curriculum.  But there is so much more.  I love that I also get to help the students through mentorship.  We have opportunities to talk about how to be successful and what that looks like to the individual student.  I encourage students to have a growth-mindset, while also working on my own.  I think the greatest feeling this past year was seeing the students feel the challenge and then succeed.  Seeing a student smile after passing a tough assessment was all worth it!

What I'm most looking forward to:  It's hard to narrow this down, but the one thing I am most excited about is seeing the students' growth over this next  year.  I believe that through mentoring, personalized learning time, and project based learning, these students are not only going to grow in knowledge, but also their mindset and personal responsibility.

About Me: My husband, Kyle, and I have two children, Quentin (9) and Zala (6), and two dogs, Lilly and KC.   I spend a lot of my time taking Quentin to ball games and Zala to gymnastics.  When I have some time to myself, I enjoy reading, taking my dogs on walks, and playing volleyball.