Can my student participate in sports and activities?
Yes, absolutely. Students can participate in extracurricular activities at Park Hill High School or Park Hill South High School. Many current LEAD students do this now.

Is transportation provided to and from the home school?
Yes, we provide transportation to and from our two high schools at the beginning and end of each school day.

What do LEAD classes look like?
Students spend about half their time in content courses on project/problem/professional-based learning (PBL). About a third of their time is spent in personalized learning time (PLT). During the rest of the time, students focus on community, math and literacy.

How does it work if my student wants to take a music class?
Students take band, choir and orchestra classes at their home high schools. We provide midday bus transportation.

What are LEAD’s electives?
We will determine electives based on student interest. We will offer many elective options, likely including foreign language, art, debate, business classes, core subject electives and more.

What is Summit?
We partner with Summit to deliver content and project work through the Summit Learning platform.

How do LEAD credits translate into a transcript?
LEAD credits are identical to credits from our two high schools. The mode of instruction is different, but the credit earned and standards covered are the same.

What is a mentor?
We match each student with a mentor (a teacher), who meets with the students one-on-one for approximately 10 minutes each week to discuss progress, goals and habits to support students as they navigate high school.

Is there food at LEAD?
Yes, LEAD has a full-service cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch.

Does LEAD offer clubs?
Yes, we currently have 10 different clubs based on student interest. More than 80 percent of our students participate in at least one club. Our clubs meet during community time during the school day.

Do students have lockers?
No, students do not have lockers at LEAD.